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A mobile app designed for your event. Improve interactivity, enhance the attendees experience, and get valuable information such as the stats of your event in real time.

How it works?

Ágora Event App was designed to give the user freedom while maintaining an easy-to-understand interface. It all starts with the registration process. Once in the control panel, the admin user can manage the app's content, inserting the details of the event and its activities, such as images, and continue configuring the app's colors and design. When finished, request publication in the stores from the same control panel, and from that moment on we take care of compiling and publishing the app.

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We make your life easier ; )

Get to know the most important qualities of Ágora.

Easy to manage

Manage the content yourself through an intuitive control panel and see the changes in real time


We are continuously working to offer new modules so that your app is always updated.

Friendly design

You will find it quite easy to navigate through the different menu options of your app.

Technical Support

You will never be alone. Our entire staff will be there to help you during the content creation as well as during the event.

Efficient communication

SMS, Push Notifications or e-mails. All integrated into one platform.

Customizable Colors

Design your app to be in tune with the corporate image of your event.

Real-time information

Monitor the use-reports in the app's control panel and interact with users.


News, live questions, voting, polls, rakings and other features will keep users coming back to your app throughout the event

Responsive design

Ágora is scalable with responsive design, which means that the app will automatically adapt to the dimensions of the user's device, both tablets and cell phones, without the need to configure anything A smart app for a better user experience, it will make your event unique.

Eco-friendly events

Traditional events consume a lot of paper and industrial inks to provide information. These documents have a very short life cycle and many people don't even read them. Wouldn't you like your event to be more ecologically friendly? Using the application, you can significantly reduce your printing, shipping and storage costs, and help save the environment.


The versions Light and Single event, are for a single event and last for 8 months from the date of purchase. While the Multi Events version is an annual subscription and allows the creation of multiple events in the same app

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